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New Prompts

Sometimes just an image can give one inspiration...

Bi-weekly prompt #1

You may choose, if you so wish, to work with any of the following, in any fan-dom of your choosing.

1. The sun has set, but there is no light, nor any sign of life.

2. It was a beautiful day, peaceful and melodic, but then someone screamed.

3. The cold winds of winter nipped at his heel, but he did not know where to go, where he was nor how he had gotten there, he just was.

4. His heart began to beat, when he saw the person walk through the door, and back into his heart.

5. She was sick, of life and love, illness had consumed her and ever since then, nothing had ever been quite the same.

Writer Offer Form.

Pen Name: angstytimelord
Livejournal: angstytimelord
Fandom Knowledge Base: I write mainly for Doctor Who, Tenth Doctor only. The list of pairings I write him in is in my journal profile, and also in my Master List at my journal. I'll write pretty much anything -- from sweet fluff/schmoop to NC-17 sex scenes. I have no problem with bdsm/torture scenes, but I won't write Ten as a dom because that's not how I see him. I also write other characters that David Tennant has played, & RPS for David Tennant/Linus Roache in an AU setting. Feel free to ask any other questions you might have about what I'll write!
Rating: Anything from PG-13 to NC-17.
Other: I write m/m slash exclusively. Never femslash or het. I do almost all of my writing for prompt tables, so anyone is welcome to go to my journal & take a look at the prompt tables I have there -- if there's a prompt/pairing that tickles the fancy, feel free to request that I write that particular prompt. :)
Collaboration: No. I prefer to write by myself.
Fanfic Example(s): Take a look in my journal! All my fandom writing is there. I have a Master List of all my current pairings, with links to each story.

Tyrant Request

Name: Wakahisa Tsukiko
Livejournal: tatsumi_senpai 
Fandom: Koi Suru Bo-Kun (The Tyrant Falls in Love),  and its Prequel Challengers
Pairings: Morinaga Tetsuhiro x Tatsumi Souichi
Genre: Romance (maybe with some comedy and/or drama)
Rating: NC-17?
Extras: Friendship, subtle seduction, and a festival to wear yukata's

It would probably be considered an AU, though I'd like the characters to remain in character as much as possible. The basic premise is that, the events read about in Challengers where Tatsumi Souichi was attacked by his professor never happened... and that the story takes place four years before the current events in Challengers took place... back to when Morinaga and Tatsumi were planning on watching the toxicology tape Morinaga had recorded off of the television. Sure the professor might have had those intentions... but before he could even make it known what he wanted to Tatsumi... some other Sensei came in needing that professors help... so he had to abandon his little plan... leaving Tatsumi clueless... and thus going to Morinaga's apartment to watch that... how would things develop from there?

I'm thinking it should be along the line of chapters. From what I have read... Tatsumi would have been a Senior at M University, because Morinaga was a sophomore when the event with the professor occurred, and Tatsumi was two years ahead of Morinaga. In Tyrant Tatsumi says he is 25, so I would then assume Morinaga is 23 in it. That event with the professor was in 5 years ago in comparison... so Tatsumi would have been about 20 and Morinaga 18? Or around there. Tatsumi Tomoe would have been around 14 and Tatsumi Kanako around 8 at that time.

Well I wouldn't mind collaborating with someone else... on this particular idea.



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