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Take a fanfic request to those in the community and someone might make it
Welcome to the Community where authors of fanfiction reside.

This community is for authors of fanfiction to take requests of others who may not themselves be able to write fanfiction, but whom have an idea in there head. One person posts a request and one, two fanfic writers at the most will take on that request.

Please do not be disappointed if the fanfic you see developed from your idea is not exactly what you wanted.

1.) Be respectful of others.
2.) Constructive critism only, if someones fiction is somehow in poor taste or just not written well, say so as politely as possible. There is no reason to bash someone.
3.) Please do not post someone else's fanfiction. The only fanfictions which should be posted here are those which were requests that were filled.
4.) Please be sure to mark your posts accordingly with a warning if there is Rated R or NC-17 material or if it is slash/yaoi/yuri before the cut.
5.) Use a LiveJournal Cut. (You have to be in HTML mode and type < lj-cut text="Insert Title Here" >Story< /lj-cut >
6.) Use the form below to request a fanfic.
7.) People may comment on a request</a> if they too would like to see one written, or if they are going to take the request themselves. There should not be any other sort of comment made.
8.) You can, if requesting a fanfic, also opt in for collaborating.

Request Form

< b >Name:< /b>
< b >Livejournal:< /b>
< b >Fandom:< /b> (a link to something that talks in depth about the fandom would be very useful, though is not required.)
< b >Pairings:< /b> (please indicate if it is just friendship or if it is something else)
< b >Genre:< /b> (Romance, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Drama)
< b >Rating:< /b> (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
< b >Extras:< /b> (school dance, BDSM, valentines, friendship, etc.)
< b >Plot:< /b> (you can leave this blank if you want)
< b >Other:< /b> (should it be a one-shot or written in chapters. It is up to the digression of the fanfic author how many chapters there will be if chapters is chosen... also this spot is for anything other than what has been seen to... so if something has not been covered, place it here in Other)
< b >Collaboration:< /b> Yes or No?

Writer Offer Form
< b >Pen Name:< /b>
< b >Livejournal:< /b>
< b >Fandom Knowledge Base:< /b> (what you, the fanfic writer knows and is willing to write a fic about should someone make a request to you)
< b >Rating:< /b> (what rating(s) you are willing to work with)
< b >Other:< /b>
< b >Collaboration:< /b> (are you willing to collaborate with someone else?)
< b >Fanfic Example(s):< /b> (not required, though recommended)
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